Cottage-by-the-Sea #20 7/23/15


Dear Abba,
The beach is full this time of year,
Even here, on this private stretch,
The sand is dotted with sunbathers,
Families, with lots of clutter,
I don’t go down much during the day,
Unless something occurs and I must say,
“Please don’t do that here,
This is my property so I must insist.”

And I come here early for a time of prayer,
Praying for them all, up and down,
People I don’t know but we all have needs.
And I put out a bottle of cold water in Your name.
Free to the thirsty under the sun,
As Your living water is free from Jesus, Your Son.
I wonder often if people think I’ve flipped my lid,
Then something happens like yesterday.

I woke up early and grabbed my stuff,
While coffee brewed then I’d go outside,
I opened the door and a stranger sat,
She’d been reading the scriptures I left with the bottles,
Did I have time to walk her through?
So one step on another we walked the Roman road for You,
And at the end with a peaceful heart,
She had prayed and You were now the Savior of her soul.

This Cottage-by-the-Sea is our special place,
My place of quiet and refuge.
I come here to study and read,
To uncover my hidden sins,
The ugliest parts of me like when I fail to win.
You’ve left me here to visit with you,
This Cottage-by-the-Sea such a blessing for me.
               d.f.a.v. 7/23/15

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