On Holy Ground

Photo provided by Martha Gaston Taylor, used by permission. Poet/blogger used PhotoGrid to write photographer’s name on picture only. All rights reserved by photographer, public and private.)

Let praise ring out of my heart,
Whether I’m happy or sad,
May my thoughts sing true,
Father, may You know they’re for you.
Every breath I take, I take for You,
Not a second I live unplanned,
There’s no “just happens” in my life,
No accident You provide this particular slice.
O Lord, Creator and Sustainer of good,
He who spoke the world into being,
You knew even then I would one day be,
Needing the crucifixion and resurrection to set me free.
Right this instant You could call out my name,
Not a doubt in my mind I would hear it,
For You are the God of Abraham,
And David, Ruth, You’re the One, I Am.
Every cell of my body, every piece You used to create me,
It hums and sings out with adoration,
O Mighty God how precious I’ve found,
Living, breathing, awakening on Holy Ground.
                  d.f.a.v. 7/21/15

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