Never a Stale Relationship

Photo by Cyn Carpenter. All rights reserved public & private. Used by permission. Blogger/poet added photographers name to photo only using PhotoGrid.

“Our experience with God will never grow stale.”
Regardless of length, regardless the tale.
Whether it be one of worldly acclaim or fame,
Or if we see it as unimpressive, God knows our name.
The thing most important, that must be done,
That each of us as individuals, separate, one by one,
Answer Jesus’ knock at our hearts door,
Have we asked Him for His forgiveness and more?
Does He walk with us now every earth mile?
Have each of us reached agreement on eternity’s smile?
Do we accept Christ died, literally, upon a cross,
That it was violent and bloody and the winds rose and tossed?
The curtain in the temple, from top to bottom was torn apart,
And Jesus died there, willingly, a sacrifice from His heart.
Then lain in a borrowed tomb all by Himself,
A human body grown cold laying on somewhat of a shelf.
Then in three days what He said would be true,
He rose from that grave, defeating Satan and death for me and you.
Have we trusted our eternal future to His nail scarred hands?
Do we look forward to our trip into Heaven’s lands?
Our relationship with God will be many things but never boring, or stale.
We only think these things when we take over the trail.
If we leave it in God’s hand we will never be bored,
For He is the I Am, Alpha, Omega, God Everlasting and more.
               d.f.a.v. 7/20/15

Quote from Heaven by Randy Alcorn, published 2004.

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