So, this is Life

Photo collage created using Photoshop. Artwork, poem & photography originals by the poet.
Life, doesn’t rhyme.
Or measure out in,
Equal beats and rhythm.
Soundtracks don’t play,
Alerts to big moments.
Words in hearts,
Don’t waltz out dainty,
Or step gently around,
The realities going on.
Curtains and carpets,
Don’t go together.
Feelings don’t fit,
With what’s going down.
Life isn’t sanitized,
It’s messy and massive.
While prayer and God,
Make the stuff work,
And He weaves a masterpiece,
From the whole of it,
No one sees its beauty,
Sometimes in a lifetime.
God does.
And when we give Him,
All of everything,
He gives us peace in storms.
Shelters from harshness.
Ways where none exist.
Music from experience,
And it’s wrapped in love,
The gift of His arms,
Spread out on the cross,
The miracle of a fish breakfast,
On the shoreline of forgiveness.
Because He’s stronger,
Than Death and Sin.
So this is life,
It’s rhythm and rhyme,
Uneven, but matched,
And I’m grateful.
          d.f.a.v. 7/8/15

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