In the Court of Judgment


Court of Judgment, if you please,
Will give me but chance to explain?
And I look around me seated in every chair,
The judgment seats occupied by me.

I continue on as if undaunted,
By the challenge of defending myself,
But first I must also prosecute,
So I am both friend and foe unfolded.

As prosecutor I know my every crime,
Every unkind word, every act of disrespect,
The yardstick of my misconduct?
The Bible I’ve myself declared true through time.

I show myself no mercy nor grace,
Sin after sin I hurl as proof,
I can be no Christian it is surely true,
I now show no pity as I glare at my face.

Concluding now the Prosecution’s turn,
I look to myself, also the Judge,
“Your honor she deserves a painful death,
She does for Eternity, deserve to burn.”

I’m beaten there can be no doubt,
Displayed in all the ugly of my sins,
As Prosecutor I delight in my smugness,
I will burn in Hell there is no way out.

Then Jesus walks into the scene,
His robes of white, His brilliant shine,
Compared to Him I’m in mud and rags,
Quietly He asks, “Are you not born again?”

“My Daughter, is your name in the Book of Life?
When I knocked upon Your hearts door,
Didn’t you ask me then to come in?
Agree to follow me through all strife?”

Then He reaches down and has me rise,
And reflected in His saintly eyes,
For a flash I see and understand anew,
That by His blood I’m sanctified.

My sins count against me no more.
And reflected too in His sight,
I see the beauty He sees, created for me,
To Satan, sin and myself I am guilty no more.

Court of Judgment, if you please,
Listen to Jesus, Redeemer of all men,
Find me guilty if you must, but know,
Jesus paid for you and for me,

His blood was shed in ultimate sacrifice,
At judgment when our sins are displayed,
When we ourselves want to look away,
We are redeemed, He paid the price.
                  d.f.a.v. 6/30/15

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