Lord, Teach Me to Love this Blessing

Thank You for this blessing,
That I never dreamed I’d have.
Though I asked You to help me,
Not once did I expect this salve.
Now here I am smack in the middle,
This is it Lord, sink or swim time.
Again I ask for Your help,
Help me love this blessing of mine.
When challenges present themselves,
Lord, I pray creativity to overcome.
Where intimidation rears it’s head,
Let my confidence be in Your sum.
Where pride is stung that I failed to supply,
That by sweat of my brow You didn’t provide,
I turn to You Lord, praying for grace,
This is Your blessing by my side.
Lord, teach me to love this blessing,
Simply because it’s a gift from You.
When negatives nibble around,
Remind me dear Lord, You’re the source,
And in You, from You, only the best is found.
      d.f.a.v. 6/27/15

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