The Joy for the Giver


Though no one said it,
neither brought up the broken bed
They’d agreed others need
warrantied more such blessings,
they’d get by.

Then they’d been so stunned
when their need was noticed,
With nothing to stand on,
no way to graciously excuse
the gift of a lifetime, they conceited.

The greatest gift though, the
receivers really noticed,
Wasn’t the need met afterall,
but in allowing the giver,
the joy of selfless giving.

All too often we shamefully dismiss,
we can serve God with our checkbooks,
Put our resources where the need lies,
Our help where truly needed,
blessings given by our sister in Christ.
blessed the giver and receiver.

Next before you just say no,
To the offer of a need met,
You should pray in gratitude
That your need is to be met,
and the joy of the giver as well.
          d.f.a.v. 6/23/15

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