Let’s Hear it for Godly Men


Here’s to every man,
Who steps forward to be,
The man God can say,
At the end, “Well done” to.

Especially the man,
Who in age a boy you can see,
Whose choices one day,
Gives him man things to do.

This half-child himself,
Puts childhood aside to be,
As godly a father as he can,
And does so without blame.

He still sets his goals,
They’ll probably further than he sees,
But, he clings to God’s hand,
Not accepting Satan’s shame.

Here’s to the man who stands,
Solidly behind God’s Word & right,
Lives what he talks about,
Admits he’s not without sin,

The man who cherishes his wife,
Adores his children and the Light,
Uncompromising on the truth,
Pays the cost so God wins.

Here’s to the man who is a man,
Unconfused about his sexuality,
Unconforming in his lifestyle
Living a godly example to his community.

The man after God’s heart,
Fighting to restore the reputation of Christianity,
Forgiving the unforgivable hurts,
Because God wants His church in harmony.

Here’s to our dads, uncles, brothers,
Our preachers, teachers and deacons,
On the front line of the upcoming final battle,
Let’s petition heaven for God’s blessings for them.

Here’s to our policemen and firemen,
The host of men who are our beacons,
To them who we must respect,
Because for our sake they’ve oft prayed to Him.

They’re out there, these men,
God fearing, loving, following men,
Who stand in the gap for strangers,
As well as those who he knows.

Respect them, love them, honor them,
Exceptional because they follow Him,
Which makes them more valuable,
Than all of earth’s purest gold.
              d.f.a.v. 6/21/15

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