My Thoughts on Psalm 23


Psalm 23 talks about walking beside still waters,
Where He restores the soul,
And even if we walk through the Valley,
The Valley of the SHADOW OF DEATH,
There is no need to fear evil,
For God’s rod and staff comfort you.
SHADOW OF DEATH passes over,
Not Death claims you,
Or tries to claim you as it’s own,
To be another notch in Satan’s “gotcha belt”.
My comfort doesn’t come from mankind,
Nor is God rapping on people’s heads with His staff,
Or mounting valiant campaigns to rescue me.
Why should He?
Death will only be the thinnest veil,
That I, like you, pass through.
A shadow of it we pass by,
A mere shadow.
No evil monster or conquering hero
No Prince of Darkness winning us for eternal torment.
Satan has since Adam and Eve,
Frightened us with horrific death shadows,
Magnified monsters whose job it is to rob us of joy,
And love, and peace with Our Father.
Don’t be afraid of Death’s Shadows,
Allow Him and He’ll stand between you and all shadows,
He has carved your name on His hand,
He knows your every motivation, sin, thought an repentance.
He knows the number of hairs on your head,
He can certainly hold off shadows, He is the Son.
           d.f.a.v. 6/16/15

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