Cottage by the Sea #17, 6/16/15


Abba Father;
You created a fine sunrise this morning,
Streaks of buttery gold brushing away,
The very last traces of night.
In warmth and peace life awakens with light.
Birds once in warm-up are singing,
All over Your creation begins their day.

Rode out to this edge of the never-ending sea,
Close enough that sea spray,
Fell like fine misty salted lace,
Rejuvenating to soul and face.
Deep into lungs the air braces me,
I lift my heart to You as it should be today.

Then You walk with me down the beach,
With Your hand on the control,
The sand doesn’t spin beneath the tires,
On morning’s like this, Lord I could go for hours.
Sweet communion as You talk and teach,
If I choose only to hear You above the waves roll.

You turn me back towards our Cottage-by-the-Sea,
We talk about the room we’ve prepared,
The sins I find so hard to fight,
Weaknesses in my armour seen by Your light.
This is the purpose of here for me,
To expose my sins, pretenses and griefs I’ve dared.

I see in the sand traces of where we walked,
But waves have erased much of the evidence,
Except in my heart where I still clearly see,
Your feet beside my wheelchair tracks by the sea.
My true repentance, Your forgiveness and I’m cleansed,
Even if little else really makes much sense.

Up and down the beach, especially on the pier,
People prepare for fun and work at sea,
The sunlight beaming through tops of waves,
I’m still guilty of wanting to have this my way.
When I know You’re right through every hour,
I don’t have to understand or know Your purpose for me.

Here, here is as close to You as I can be for now,
On this sand, in this heart house Cottage-by-the-Sea,
Your cross I’m to pick up and carry,
You assure me I am & encourage me not to grow weary,
If that’s all I need to know somehow,
I’ll carry it on from this our Cottage- by-the-Sea.

Once indoors when I’ve poured the coffee,
The laptop is ready for the words I’ll write.
My fingers curl round the fragrant java brew,
And I think about circles and people and clues.
And I think about brokenness and toffee,
The future with You is suddenly right, so right.
         —Amen.           d.f.a.v.  6/15/15

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