What Love Looks Like

Art by d.f.a.v.
What does love look like?
As varied as we are in personalities,
So faceted is the answer to this query.

To the disabled woman on the mud of her home in the jungle,
Who has little to barter, few skills to offer,
Love may look like—
—a sack of rice or—
—the dignity of earning her own pennies.

To the wealthy couple on Park Avenue in their multi-million dollar condo,
Whose marriage looks great on paper,
Love may look like—
—a genuine conversation—
—about Billy’s grades or Lizzie’s ballet rehearsal.

Love, for a relationship strained by the ill health of one of them,
Saps energy, finances and attention,
Love may look like—
–The warm smile as they see each other—
—The dinner someone brought for the family—

The young teenager who thinks her parents say “no” to everything,
Whose chief whine is “I can’t ever do anything!”
Love may look like—
—a buffet of life’s decadence—
—And no one to suggest restraint—

To those grieving parents of a stillborn child,
Who will forever sit in their minds willing life to a lifeless baby,
Love to them may look like—
—resurrection when they’ll see their son with a new body—
—The comfort found in Jesus arms—

Love looks to each of us to appear as what we need,
It is genuine and warm
It is strong and upholding
Love is never wrong
But what we face is this world!’s limitations
Makes what we see through Heaven’s Eyes how beautiful is the mudane.
                    d.f.a.v. 6/14/15

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