They Tell Me


They tell me that I’m going to die.
These professionals who have no need to lie.
They’ve gone back ten years or more,
Searching for the key to unlock the door,
And this, this is what they find,
I should have already left this world behind.

You know, what’s a person supposed to say?
One day there’s pain, then the path turns this way?
I’ve set my heart for eternity years ago,
Not afraid now of where I’ll go.
Jesus and I have spoken many a time,
I know through Him Heaven is mine.

No one can say when or about how long.
No one can prepare me for the swans final song.
Left here in limbo not feeling like I’m dying,
Knowing, just knowing I’ve got to keep trying.
Not a day goes by I can’t pray for good health,
Not a night goes by I’m not grateful for my hearts wealth.

They tell me that I’m dying, should already be gone.
But could the Lord be set against hurrying me on?
I have trouble forgetting that they could be wrong,
Only God knows if the days are short or long.
Lord, help me remember in the darkest of hours,
You hold life threads, only You hold that power.

The dock beneath my feet may be,
But the boat for crossing I don’t yet see.
The day is sunny, no storm’s clouds rising in the sky,
But all of that can change for the by and by.
I’ll try not to deny God is my way to cope,
He is always my way and my hope.
                d.f.a.v. 6/9/15

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