Prayer Release

It sounds like such a pat answer,
A cliché sort of thing to say,
Promise implyed but not quite spoken,
Uttered in the moment, forgotten in a day.

I’ll pray for you.

Let’s pray about it.

I’ll put you on our prayer list.

But one thing I know for certain,
Praying for someone is a powerful intervention.
When we invite the Holy Spirit to move,
We must be prepared to have God in conversation.

If you say you’ll pray, best do it.

Offer to join in prayer on it, then do.

Say you’ll add them to a prayer list, then follow through.

Many souls open to Jesus knocking,
Hearts beat anew because of Him,
Lives are changed by knowing Jesus,
Intercessory prayer involves Him, you and them.

Pray like you’ve not prayed before.

Persist at Heaven’s throne on their behalf.

Strengthen the support prayer you’ve got coming in.

Never discount the contribution,
A praying spouse, parent, stranger or friend,
Can have in the heart and lives of the intended,
Before life here comes to an end.
d.f.a.v. 6/8/15

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