He Sees in You?

There was something about David, Moses and Abraham,
Something about Jacob, Joseph and Ruth.
God said they were after His heart,
And they endured for God so they’d never be apart.

He saw that same something in Solemn,
Jonah, Peter, James and John had it too,
That same in the Samaritan woman,
And God sees it in you, child, woman or man.

It wasn’t perfection and everything right,
It wasn’t brilliance or earthly wealth,
But something else God saw in them.
What really drew Him to them, them to Him?

God saw it in Martha, Mary and Lazarus,
Saw it in Spurgeon, Weasley and Graham,
God saw this specialness in each,
Saw it in their hearts, heard it in their speech.

There was something about these followers,
Something strong, clean and brave,
Something God doesn’t want anyone to doubt.
What He saw in them is what relationship is about.

They were day-to-day people in ordinary time,
People with choices they sometimes made right,
Men and women laying their lives on the line,
To serve a God who’d last for all time.

When you’ve finished reading this poem,
And you’re unsure what to think,
Look in the mirror of God’s eyes reflection,
What He saw in them He sees in you His creation.
                 d.f.a.v. 6/1/15

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