Splashes of Joy


The world appears drenched now in nothing but gray.
As if the storm blew all the colors away.
My eyes rove wearily seeking color,
Any color, anything but this not even black or white.
Gray, top to bottom, gray, isn’t right.

This world is flat, lifeless, but it’s mine.
Sorrow, pain, shock; did this to all left behind.
Tears are gathering in my eyes.
How does my heart survive shrouded in gray?
When my very soul wants to run away?

Then tears begin to fall and splash!
Each one becoming a color bath.
Blue sky, green earth, purplish flowers.
Our tears are responsible Lord, and I realize!
These tears are tears of Joy from us inside.

Splashes of Joy fall around me.
Erasing the hurt and pain I feel and see.
This is so how God works!
Life can become gray, dull, and hard.
He knows our hurts and is one serious guard.

Splashes of Joy splat around me today.
Living color sizzle amongst the gray.
Candy-red roof beneath baby-blue sky.
Thanks for the gray, the splashes of joy make it okay.
Splashes of Joy, my gift from the Lord today.
                 d.f.a.v. 5/30/15

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