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Cottage by the Sea #14 5/13/15


Abba Father :
The Sea and I awoke this morn,
When the dark began to wane.
The sea itself seemed to hold its breath,
How gallant marches it’s waves,
It surveyed the treasures on shore,
It knew nonetheless it’s spiritual gain.

When from my view upon the deck,
I drank in the first lighten wave,
As the sky burst forth a rosy glow,
Lifting shadows with its light,
True devastation met my sight,
Lost homes, lost lives, crumbled cliffs,
What of this place, Lord did You save?

I image turning to find our cottage roof gone,
Plywood from windows ripped and torn,
Perhaps the foundation washing away,
The driveway out front a sinking hole,
A total loss I somehow missed,
Within me a gentle voice says, you were not alone.

My eyes drank in our Cottage basically unscathed,
And I wonder how this could be?
Struck head-on by nature’s fury,
Devastation literally all around me now,
Our Cottage shines like a miracle bestowed,
A beacon of hope beneath my feet for me.

Like our lives struck head-on by disease,
Like families torn apart from lies and sins,
Like marriages crumbled with infidelity,
Like lives ripped off foundations, weaknesses exposed,
What looked so fine from the outside,
Foundations couldn’t hold when the storm roared in.

God, You sat here with me through the night,
Offering hope if I would but reach to You,
Though I felt weak and tired, half-alive,
You shone a thin sliver of light,
And held me as I yielded myself to Your love,
Exactly what You’ve taught me to do, I do.

Storms of life can wipe out our world,
Coughing tidbits of others lives into yours,
But the anchor will grip if God sets it,
The Cornerstone will remain unmoved,
Faith well established can stand the test,
Hope remains if Christ is your core.
      …d.f.a.v. 5/12/15

Cottage by the Sea #13 5/12/15


Abba Father,
The tropical storm churns the sea,
Waves are higher than shoreline trees,
Winds have torn everything into shreds,
It’s hard at night to lay down my head.
Thunderheads have rolled way past the shore,
One even now pounds on roof and door,
Threatening lives near by to change forevermore,
A deeper, darker force at this storm’s core.
Truth be told Lord, it’s not the winds,
Or drowning rain, or lightening’s clashing din.
It’s the struggle in the hearts of all men,
To follow You or the paths of sin.
The storm is one of our own making,
We’re our own best enemies in the fighting.
Forgive me Father when I turn from You,
When Your hand is what I long to cling to.
Be with me now in our Cottage by the Sea,
While the storm blows over this is where I’ll be,
Trusting that beyond this angry, screeching storm,
The Son is shining for those reborn.
              d.f.a.v.  5/11/15

Since I Got the News

Nothing says what I want to say.
No matter what I try to write about,
It all comes out as useless junk,
I get so frustrated I want to shout.
Lord, its more than writers block,
More like time has warped my day.

The “to-do-list” is crossed off done.
People told who had a need to know,
Still nothing eases the shock inside,
When words were said before I said “No!”
“Here’s a diagnosis, pushed aside,”
I cling to the Father, Holy Spirit and Son.

It’s with me when in the morning I wake,
And follows me all through the day,
At evening and night when it’s there too,
In every action, all I do and say,
Throughout each chore I stumble through,
If I admitted less I would be a fake.

I’m dying and I’m only fifty-one,
Just finding my way in a creative world,
Poetry, novels, paintings and how-to-draw,
Things I tried to wholly trust You with, Lord,
How can death now be my call?
I feel cheated of the life we ‘ve built here too.

You’re God and You can understand my mood,
You’ve allowed that of which I don’t understand,
I cling to the compass pointing me to faith,
I cling to our Father’s masterful hand,
To cling to less I’d have lived for waste,
So to Christ and faith I hold even in solitude.

This is real, this is where I’m at.
I can’t pretend it’s all okay, it’s not,
But with Your help Lord, I’ll be alright,
Though I may not wake at morning’s shout,
I can close my eyes turn to the light,
When You have called me to where You’re at.
                           d.f.a.v.  5/8/2015

Beyond Existence


In You I live.
I’m one hundred percent,
Far beyond,
These earthly woes,
Far beyond all I know,
I live!

Troubles pile,
On for this earthly trial,
Higher, high.
In You Lord,
I do much more
Than exist unsure,
I live!

Because of You,
The death You overcame,
After Calvary.
Exist I did but now oh my,
My soul is tethered beyond the sky.
Oh, yes I live!
I live!

From mere existence,
In the Lord I’ve realized,
There can be no greater prize,
Than to live in Jesus,
Who reminds me of all eternal,
I live!
              d.f.a.v. 5/7/15


Sweet, salty?
Tangy, smooth?
Hot, mild?

Will you?
Marry, be single?
Go, stay?
Walk, run?
Laugh, cry?

Can you?
Drive, walk?
Sleep, wake?
Play, work?
Eat, talk?

What will make you happy?
What will steal your joy?
What are your dreams?
What about heaven?
What about hell?

Life destination?
You choose.
Yes to heaven, no to hell?
Or vice versa?
No to Jesus?
Yes to Satan?

God gives us—
You choose.
                     d.f.a.v.   5/5/15

One Day

One day,
When I have time, I will—
Learn to totally enjoy cooking,
With fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits,
And all those unusual foods I see at the grocers.
Now I’ve watched enough Food Network,
I’m overwhelmed with urgency to fulfill this dream.
But, I can’t.
I didn’t count on one day being consumed by disease.

One day,
When there’s no time clock to punch—
I’ll let the creative, artistic side of me,
Rule my days and nights.
I’ll draw and paint and create as the mood strikes,
With no thought to the clock or calendar,
Or paint stains on my hands and clothes.
But, I can’t.
I never counted on my body giving out like this.

One day,
When I won’t have a “to do” list of must-be-done’s—
The Bible will be easier to sit and absorb,
Every day I can give it my complete attention.
Stop to see what the original language meant,
Understand who was who beyond the Bible’s pages,
The day-to-day of when it was written.
Only now I can’t—
Medication has muddied up my mind.

One day,
We dreamed of traveling—
A cruise to Alaska and on a Disney ship.
We’d go across country in an R.V.
See plays on Broadway and visit D.C.
My hubby and I would be grandparents together,
Embarrass our daughter renewing our vows after 50 years.
Only one day is lost—
Because I won’t live that long.

I look back and understand —
That time doesn’t wait for us,
It passes whether we use it wisely now or waste it.
But, I took care of eternal business,
God and I know where my eternal home is.
I have loved my family as best I could.
My one day—
Is the one in which I pen this, and I am still alive.
d.f.a.v. 5/3/15

Cottage by the Sea #12 5/4/15


Abba Father:
In my heart there are stories left to write,
Songs still to sing,
Joy left to share,
Skies still for flight.
There’s still time to share.
Still time— to care.

In my soul there are tears left to shed,
Paths to explore,
Hearts to make light,
Flowers that are red,
There’s still time to share.
Still time—to care.

In my testimony there are messages left unsaid,
Though time melts away,
Not just for me,
For every soul not yet dead.
There’s still time to share.
Still time—to care.

In my soul, Lord I ask you today,
Keep my mind steady,
Armed with the Holy truth,
Let my words be those You say.
There’s still time to share,
Still time. …to care.

Here’s all I am Lord.
A servant to Your Heart,
Use me, mold me, train me.
Make me wholly Your’s, not part.
There’ s still time to share,
Still time…to care.
           d.f.a.v.  5/3/15