When it Matters


God is here.
Whether your view,
—Is void of color,
—Is black and white,
—gray upon gray,
It doesn’t matter.
God is here.

God sees us,
Whether we’ve become,
—broken boundaries,
—flowering weeds,
—rotting fences
It doesn’t matter.
God sees us.

God hears us,
Whether our voices,
—are hoarse,
—are broken,
—are whispers,
It doesn’t matter.
God hears us.

God is no deserter.
Whether we are,
—He stays ready,
—He stands tall,
—He remembers you,
It only matters,
If you ever became His.
                  d.f.a.v. 5/29/15

5 thoughts on “When it Matters

  1. I LOVE this poem!!!! I would LOVE to feature it and have you as a “guest” blogger on my Bible Study site…???? Biblestoriesfromtheheart.com We also have a Facebook group- Bible Stories from the heart…. let me know if you would be interested πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  2. Another reminder of how much He loves us. He hears us. He sees us. He loved us and He loves us. Why is that so hard to see. Love you sister!


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