Cottage of the Year #16, 5/25/15

Abba Father;
Praises You are due O Lord,
Praises You deserve,
For no other god
Comes close to You,
Accept and hear my prayer.
Have I proven I truly care?
Part of how I display my love,
Is by the deeds I do for You.

Here are my hands, use them
Here are my feet, send them.
Increase Your legacy,
Use the Holiness You preserve.
Unleash me of the chains I weep
All the secrets I try to keep,
As a child meets You so free
Set me free, yes, lift me high.

Only in You am I perfect Abba,
On my own an impossible goal,
Unless I call upon Your might,
Here I am on bended knee,
To totally surrender all I am,
Totally give all of who I am.
Act through me, imperfect, I be,
Through my relationship with You.
                       d.f.a.v. 5/25/15

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