Cottage by the Sea #15 5/20/15


Abba Father,
Reached the end of me,
A while ago—
Hanging on though,
Hanging on,
To see what You see,
‘Cause its beautiful,
Your beauty—
Not that of man,
Not that,
Man’s eyes see dull,
Show me, what You see.

No heroine here, Lord,
Grace covers me—
Your blood flows down,
Your blood,
Cleanses and frees me,
‘Cause You make me worthy,
Of Your love—
For Your grace,
For Love,
You are my story,
You are grace in three.

Father, Your hand reached me,
Blew life into me—
Pulled out my limitations,
Pulled out,
Left no stone unturned to be,
So there’d be no doubt
A hold-out for maybe—
This is all You,
Your moments to shine,
Your glory in me,
You loving through me.
                d.f.a.v.  5 /19/15

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