Persistant Prayer


Prayer isn’t mere words,
Spoken in whispers,
Or chanted in rhythm,
Shouted through time.

Prayer isn’t a list,
A to-do-task check-off,
Give me these things,
A hollow bells ring.

Prayer is for praise,
For I Am is God,
He’s loved us forever,
Will depart His never.

Prayer is for thanksgiving,
For the blessings one has,
The love of family,
The salvation of enemies.

Prayer is an outpouring,
Of one’s heart and soul,
When our words fail,
Christ intervenes to prevail.

Prayer is awareness,
That God communicates,
He provides our needs,
Dividing crops from weeds.

Often in mind’s eye,
Words float up to Him,
Sometimes they crawl,
Or brick-like simply fall.

Lately though my prayers,
Have been wrenched out,
Humble but persistant,
To be heard, I’m insistent.

Everyday, everychance, everywhere,
That I possibly can I pray,
Committed to persistence,
For grace in this incident.

Heal me Father, I plea,
Grant me a miracle,
Wash open the closed,
Free what is jailed.

No demands from me,
No threats or tantrums,
Only honesty each moment,
This disease has cruel components,

The words of this prayer,
I envision as an army,
Going to You empty,
Returning equipped simply.

Heal me Dear Father,
From this Valley’s shadow,
David called it death
Lord, its sleeved in stealth.

Expose it for me,
Throw light on it’s ways,
May the victory be Your’s,
Your will at the core.

Prayer, Abba Father,
Is a two-way event,
Both listening, thinking
Curious and speaking.

Praise Jehovah! You are God!
Glorify You the I Am!
The One with no hesitation.
Grant me this redemption.

                d.f.a.v.  5/15/15

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