A Lesson in Leadership


King after King of the Israelities compromised with the world,
And “…did evil in the sight of the Lord…”
Over and over this in the Old Testament was read,
Making it harder to fight heart to head.
They forgot what they risked was so real,
Imagined their intentions weren’t clear,
They’d rather leave what is right behind,
Than have the whole truth brought to mind.
King after king sat on the throne,
Further and further from God they did roam.
Today we’re no different if I give it some thought,
Its not individuals for which we should have sought.
Instead it’s cleaning up our lives,
Beneath the Blood of the Lamb that has survived.
King or pauper, old or young,
The facts will surely be loudly sung.
But in the end, Christ will have won.
When that day comes and He appears,
And we rise with Him and shed our fears.
We’ll answer for our leadership,
Like the kings in the Old Testament and their ego trips.
Will what you do be followed with pride?
Or will it be preceded by God Himself asking us, “Why?”
               d.f.a.v.  5/14/15

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