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When it Matters


God is here.
Whether your view,
—Is void of color,
—Is black and white,
—gray upon gray,
It doesn’t matter.
God is here.

God sees us,
Whether we’ve become,
—broken boundaries,
—flowering weeds,
—rotting fences
It doesn’t matter.
God sees us.

God hears us,
Whether our voices,
—are hoarse,
—are broken,
—are whispers,
It doesn’t matter.
God hears us.

God is no deserter.
Whether we are,
—He stays ready,
—He stands tall,
—He remembers you,
It only matters,
If you ever became His.
                  d.f.a.v. 5/29/15

Infinity in Him

Before there was the universe,
You looked over a vast,
And saw potential.

From the depths of Your mind,
Possibility pushed limits,
Creativity unleashed abundantly.

So You waved Your hands,
Your thoughts became reality,
Planets spun,
Moons orbited,
Sun formed—
Earth came into existence.

Then You saw Earth and You knew,
Here You’d let Yourself shine,
And man created in Your image.

Somewhere at that time when,
You blew breath into Adam,
You saw me,
You knew me,
You believed—
You never paused or hestitated.

All of humanity is infinity inside You,
Inseparable except by our choice,
We walk,
You remain,
Forever hopeful—
We’ll return to God our very beginning.

Every person and place and experience,
You’ve known before time began,
We know,
Right from wrong,
You are love—
We decide acceptance or rejection.

You took a vast darkness of nothing,
Created a universe still in part unexplored,
Delicate yet not—
Your finest work in man including me.

Please take me now so imperfect,
Scars, warts, life of sin,
Be sure I’m totally sold out for You.
               d.f.a.v. 5 /27/15

A Day With God

When morning dew falls before first light —
I need You, Lord.
When the sun rises slowly in the East —
I crave You, Lord.
When the sun has taken place overhead —
I seek You, Lord.
When the sun has moved to early noon place —
I cling to You, Lord.
When the sun has begun to sink in the west —
I turn to You, Lord.
When the sun has long ago said its goodnight —
I rest assured in You, Lord.
When the moon & stars alone light the night —
I fall asleep this day is done.

Cottage of the Year #16, 5/25/15

Abba Father;
Praises You are due O Lord,
Praises You deserve,
For no other god
Comes close to You,
Accept and hear my prayer.
Have I proven I truly care?
Part of how I display my love,
Is by the deeds I do for You.

Here are my hands, use them
Here are my feet, send them.
Increase Your legacy,
Use the Holiness You preserve.
Unleash me of the chains I weep
All the secrets I try to keep,
As a child meets You so free
Set me free, yes, lift me high.

Only in You am I perfect Abba,
On my own an impossible goal,
Unless I call upon Your might,
Here I am on bended knee,
To totally surrender all I am,
Totally give all of who I am.
Act through me, imperfect, I be,
Through my relationship with You.
                       d.f.a.v. 5/25/15

I Am at My Best

In the mysteries of my mother’s womb,
God knit me together,
A precious pattern with infinite details,
Qualities like no other.

Many petite, brown haired and,
Brown-eyed girls are born,
In whom their intermost being God weaves,
Uniqueness so innately detailed and adorned.

Still, there isn’t any being like me,
God so particularly created and fashioned,
The possibilities that were & could be,
When God created each of us He purposed.

But the mistake you cannot make,
Is to think I’m His little marionette,
He gave to me free will to choose,
Would He do that and then forget?

Every day there’s the possibility,
For me to choose how to use my skills,
My heart has a longing to make God proud,
Not to make this a clash of wills.

God can work best through yielded hearts,
Today and hours yet down the road,
And if I down the road He should take,
I pray then the Lord finds I shoulder His load.

For to turn my back on my Designer Creator,
Would be to turn on the best of me,
For there cannot be the smallest doubt,
Jesus forgave my sins and set me free.

It was then in this fine hour I saw,
To choose to see His best in me,
Forgiving myself as He forgives,
Living each moment, His way, and free.

This is what His call to me is,
Savor every moment of everyday,
He created in me too the need to create,
Sitting and waiting is not the way.
              d.f.a.v.   5/20/15

Cottage by the Sea #15 5/20/15


Abba Father,
Reached the end of me,
A while ago—
Hanging on though,
Hanging on,
To see what You see,
‘Cause its beautiful,
Your beauty—
Not that of man,
Not that,
Man’s eyes see dull,
Show me, what You see.

No heroine here, Lord,
Grace covers me—
Your blood flows down,
Your blood,
Cleanses and frees me,
‘Cause You make me worthy,
Of Your love—
For Your grace,
For Love,
You are my story,
You are grace in three.

Father, Your hand reached me,
Blew life into me—
Pulled out my limitations,
Pulled out,
Left no stone unturned to be,
So there’d be no doubt
A hold-out for maybe—
This is all You,
Your moments to shine,
Your glory in me,
You loving through me.
                d.f.a.v.  5 /19/15

The Sound of Silence

Ahhh—The silence.
Though the click of the fan,
The ting, tingling of the rain,
The hum and bubble of the concentrator,
Reach my ears,
They don’t reach my heart.

Ahhh—The stillness.
Luxurious, welcomed stillness,
In house, mind, heart, no stirring,
No useless scurry,
My soul is still,
This. Is. It.

Ahh—The awareness.
Absence of accusations,
Absence of fluff and flash of justification,
Jesus says one thing,
…he without sin—
—he may cast the first stone.

Ahh—storm of my existence.
Suspended, here and now,
Suspended, free fall, Satan grounded,
No stones hurled, screaming thuds,
None can be—first.

Ahh—The silence.
Though the tweets of birds,
Though the ting, tingling of falling dust,
The hum and bubble of weakening judgments,
Soothes my heart,
He fulfills my soul.
                d.f.a.v.  5/18/15

Of Frogs & Christians

The frogs sit in the water filled pan,
A mild little croak now and then.
Outside looking in with impish glee,
Is a bright-eyed man to see what he sees.

The frogs don’t jump and they don’t panic,
Waters feeling fine better than the Atlantic.
They fail to feel and fail to see,
That impish man turn up the heat degrees.

Before they know it those once happy frogs,
Had passed on through deaths fog.
They were cooked to death in submission,
Heat applied with their silent permission.

On fire Christians sitting in a pew,
Listening to what God has for them to do.
None of them notice the whispers in their ears,
From clever demons and their its okay cheers.

The people don’t think about a missed Sunday or two,
It’s just until ball season is through.
You used to love country rock so a song now and then,
You don’t even notice when two became ten.

A playful flirt, lunches and the two of you in one car,
Drinks after work, you haven’t gone too far.
Next thing you know empty spaces in the pews,
Satan turned up the temptation slowly and got through.

As the frogs learned and the Christians too,
It wasn’t the big surprises that brought the doom.
Simple, seemingly innocent decisions led them astray,
One to their death and the other to Satan’s way.

Beware your surroundings and how comfortable they are,
A false security and you go too far.
Living for Christ in this world shouldn’t fit you just right,
It should chaff you, and feel too big or too tight.
                          d.f.a.v.  5/17/15

Persistant Prayer


Prayer isn’t mere words,
Spoken in whispers,
Or chanted in rhythm,
Shouted through time.

Prayer isn’t a list,
A to-do-task check-off,
Give me these things,
A hollow bells ring.

Prayer is for praise,
For I Am is God,
He’s loved us forever,
Will depart His never.

Prayer is for thanksgiving,
For the blessings one has,
The love of family,
The salvation of enemies.

Prayer is an outpouring,
Of one’s heart and soul,
When our words fail,
Christ intervenes to prevail.

Prayer is awareness,
That God communicates,
He provides our needs,
Dividing crops from weeds.

Often in mind’s eye,
Words float up to Him,
Sometimes they crawl,
Or brick-like simply fall.

Lately though my prayers,
Have been wrenched out,
Humble but persistant,
To be heard, I’m insistent.

Everyday, everychance, everywhere,
That I possibly can I pray,
Committed to persistence,
For grace in this incident.

Heal me Father, I plea,
Grant me a miracle,
Wash open the closed,
Free what is jailed.

No demands from me,
No threats or tantrums,
Only honesty each moment,
This disease has cruel components,

The words of this prayer,
I envision as an army,
Going to You empty,
Returning equipped simply.

Heal me Dear Father,
From this Valley’s shadow,
David called it death
Lord, its sleeved in stealth.

Expose it for me,
Throw light on it’s ways,
May the victory be Your’s,
Your will at the core.

Prayer, Abba Father,
Is a two-way event,
Both listening, thinking
Curious and speaking.

Praise Jehovah! You are God!
Glorify You the I Am!
The One with no hesitation.
Grant me this redemption.

                d.f.a.v.  5/15/15

A Lesson in Leadership


King after King of the Israelities compromised with the world,
And “…did evil in the sight of the Lord…”
Over and over this in the Old Testament was read,
Making it harder to fight heart to head.
They forgot what they risked was so real,
Imagined their intentions weren’t clear,
They’d rather leave what is right behind,
Than have the whole truth brought to mind.
King after king sat on the throne,
Further and further from God they did roam.
Today we’re no different if I give it some thought,
Its not individuals for which we should have sought.
Instead it’s cleaning up our lives,
Beneath the Blood of the Lamb that has survived.
King or pauper, old or young,
The facts will surely be loudly sung.
But in the end, Christ will have won.
When that day comes and He appears,
And we rise with Him and shed our fears.
We’ll answer for our leadership,
Like the kings in the Old Testament and their ego trips.
Will what you do be followed with pride?
Or will it be preceded by God Himself asking us, “Why?”
               d.f.a.v.  5/14/15