To His Lips

Evil in this life and those who choose to inflict it,
Leave scars deep, dark and wide though to us they may seem small.
Scars that can’t be erased by anything less than purest love,
Love that only exists in the heart of God and we’re called to explain it all,

Jesus Himself can only love like this, and my frend, Jesus loves you.
He doesn’t care who you are or how badly you’ve screwed up.
Jesus loves you, with a love tough, pure and sweet.
And He brings it to His lips this vile sin filled cup, drinks it up.

His death on the cross, crucified…stripped naked…
Cruel with no mercy He died on that tree,
Gave His life freely, His freedom, His heart,
Jesus surely gave it to You, surely endured it all, for you.
                 —d.f.a.v.  4/27/15

—Donna Valentine

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