A Kiss From an Angel


It had seen better days, this angel statue I rarely noticed anymore.
She was dirty and weathered in her little garden nook.
But there was something about her that drew the girl from play,
She toddled on over and gave her a look and a touch,
Then before I could stop her she gave the angel a kiss,
As she went back to play part of my heart knew the score.

Doesn’t the Bible tell us to remain always aware,
How we treat those strangers who appear at our door?
The homeless beggar, smelly and vile?
The freezing wanderer off the side of the road?
The well dressed person who appears to have no need?
Because we may entertain angels though we’re unaware?

Flesh and blood angels, whose wings aren’t showing that day.
Sent from Heaven to test our hearts eyes.
For how we treat these indicates a truth,
Do those who appear most worthy win special treatment from us?
While lower on the rungs of the social roaster,
We may toss a few scraps the not-so-fortunates way?

Do we fail to see them, are they all concrete?
The ones we pass by and don’t even nod or speak to?
If we took just a moment and offered them a smile?
Every possible angel that appeared in our days?
Treating them all as if Christ Himself were them?
How many angels a day would we kiss on the cheek?
                   d.f.a.v.  4/22/15

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