When Less, Plus More, Equals Divine Appointments


Less five-minute-fixes,
More hours spent studying the Word,
=God’s divinely assigned appointments.

Less hip-hop, quick pop secular mixes,
More worship and praise songs for the Lord,
=God’s divinely assigned appointments.

Less feel good tickle the ears sermons,
More from the Scripture tell – it – true teachings,
= God’s people ready for divinely designed assignments.

Less modern day entertainment souring minds like lemons,
More Godly focused, make – the – right decisions viewings,
= God people ready for divinely designed appointments.

Less of everything that is a possible distraction,
More eyes focused on Jesus, solely on Him,
= More divinely created point-to-Jesus appointments.

Less of all I could replace God with as a distraction,
More determination to be sold out for Him,
= More seeds sown, more harvests reaped and divinely designed appointments.

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