Heaven’s Broken Heart

Is the only broken heart in Heaven Your’s, Lord?
Are You the only one who weeps at our pain?
The One we reject?
Show no respect?
Are You the One in tears for our self-made pain?

Though billions of souls are there praising You?
Though angels sing glory to Your every name?
Does Your heart have a hole?
‘Cause we are so bold?
Though billions of others praise Your name?

There shouldn’t be any sadness in Heaven.
No anguish of any hearts over there.
Do You bear Your burden alone,
In our Heavenly home?
So those gone don’t know what’s going here?

Is the only broken heart in Heaven Your’s, Lord?
Do you look down on earth and cry for us all alone?
The Cornerstone builders reject?
Whose sacrifice we neglect?
While You call, “My children come home! Come home.”

Then Lord, I propose our hearts should break too,
By the very same things that so disturb you,
We too should cry,
At the cost of our tries,
At all the things that so grieve you.
               -d.f.a.v. 4/15/15 for 4/16/15

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