Cottage by the Sea #9

Abba Father, Master of the Sea:

Out at dawn,
Roll at the edge,
Waves meet sand,
Unpredictable sea.

We must engage,
We must interact,
It will set me free.
Here by the sea.

Driftwood and shells,
A foaming spray,
A rising sun.
Pure majesty.

A blush begins,
Horizon lights,
A masterpiece,
First strokes begun.

Layer upon layer,
The color applied,
A sight subtle, bold,
A beauty quiet.

‘Til the sea and sky,
A duet sings,
The sunrise rises,
Sea reflect the skies.

Here I am, Lord,
So very small,
Reveal Yourself to me,
Here by the Sea.

Clean my soul,
Free my heart,
Forgiveness please,
My soul, Your art.

Sunrise in glory full,
It takes my breath,
You return it to me,
Beside the sea.

Your masterpieces,
Are all around,
You’re here with me,
By the sea.

Thank You Lord,
Amen, amen.
           d.f.a.v.  4/7/15

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