God Said, “No”

The Lord has said no to me.
Despite my pleas and “pretty please”.
He knows His plan for my life,
My role as Believer, mother, wife.
And all the things in between,
He uses all with tenderness,
For He’s in no way mean.

I no longer think of asking why,
With my hope only of by-and-by,
In Heaven I’ll think no more to ask,
The purpose of this life’s task.
Instead I pray with renewed heart,
The prayer that can never fail,
Whether my faith is strong, or frail.

“Not my will but Your’s O Lord,
Not my will but Your’s O Lord.”
“Give me strength to hear and obey,
Not my will but Your’s this day.”
Grant my surrender willingly
To Your plans and not mine,
My gift to You through this time.

Amen. d.f.a.v. 3/29/15

3 thoughts on “God Said, “No”

  1. Dear fellow blogger!

    I invite you to read my blog post about prayer:

    “I ought to pray more”. “I ought to do more exercise”. “I ought to eat healthier”. Is your inner monologue anything like this? If it is, there’s a good chance that you might be… a normal human being! I think we are all plagued with feelings of guilt and inadequacy, especially when it comes to our spiritual lives and exercise routines. However, Christ came to set us free. Free from guilt and regrets; he wants us to be joyful and light like little children, who can laugh and rejoice and feel thankful.

    Read more: https://faithandencouragement.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/has-prayer-become-a-guilty-burden/


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