As Night Has Fallen


The night fell quiet across the glade,
Evening breezes sweep darkened shades.
Heat has risen as the sun fades from day,
Crispness crept to steal the warmth away.
A silence floods me aware again
Of how slender the thread of life has always been.
No one knows when their departure comes
But we know it comes to everyone.
Stars twinkle down from velvet dark plum skies
The moon holds high it’s watchful eyes.
And looking down God smiles at me,
His presence dwelling deep within my heart,
A sweet reminder we will never part.
What peace He’s given to fill my heart,
In times of good or bad news He never departs.
What greater God, Father, Friend?
Than the One who was, is, and always been.
He stands by me even when I’m wrong,
His heart hears my souls song.
And as night falls on time here,
My God has never been so dear.
                   d.f.a.v.  3/23/14


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