He’s our Hope

Abba, You blessed me today,
Against all the odds,
All I’d been able to do,
Was weep and pray,
But You said in You,
Hope never died,
I chose to cling on,
To see what You’d do,
And when the word came,
My tears dried away,
You gave me a miracle,
I’ll never be the same.
Never again will I doubt,
That my needs are too big,
Or to suffer is all I can do,
Or pain is what I’m about.
Drive the stake so, so deep,
Mark this day Holy Ground,
For God touched my life,
Satan met with defeat,
O praise to Our Lord!
Sing songs and dance!
How great is our God!
May my gratitude be poured,
As a drink offering to Him!
Lift your hands up with me!
Shout your praise to His wind!
To the Light in a world so grim!
             d.f.a.v. 3/18/15

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