Cottage by the Sea #8- 3/17/15

Abba Father:
In this secret room the sun peeks no more this day,
The stars and the moon shadows do cast,
And You’ve come to me in the quivering silence,
As yesterday and today rode to perceived victory at last.

Indifference, blindness and uncaring have risen,
Draining hope and bright joy in their wake,
But, Joy will come with the light of the morning,
Peace will silence the doubts and none ever forsake.

Though bitter tears fall all around me,
Self-pity and preservation make their presence known,
Jesus is forever my hearts firm foundation,
Before Him all evil will soon have to have flown.

Holding out for the sunrise rays break over the sea,
Keeping my hand held up though waves cover my head,
God is my ever present help in all troubles,
It’s written in the Bible, a Psalm I have often have read.*

Yes, joy will arrive like a ship cresting the waves,
Hope will guide the ship right to my shore,
Satan can hold me captive in darkness no longer,
For long ago Jesus came knocking and I opened the door.

No matter how black the darkest midnight,
Nor how ugly the howls and scratches of the wind,
Regardless the havoc and curses Satan may be barking,
Joy comes in the morning when God’s mark you bear through the end.
d.f.a.v. 3/16/15
*Psalm 30:5

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