Fight Again


Stretching in the silence of the house.
A few hours alone, television off.
Chance to remain warm under the covers,
Cup of peppermint tea, book in hand,
An oasis of quiet, as if in another land.

Out of the blue a prayer goes up.
Awareness of the pleasure that is mine.
Minutes without a touch of pain,
A miracle in itself I truly understand,
The connection with God, the lift from His hand.

Then the question I utter into the calm?
Lord, when did I give up the fight?
The moment it became to be too much?
That last infection staying my plan?
When I couldn’t lift myself did I understand?

Now as sleep comes after my tears,
I approach Your throne willingly.
Give me Your strength to rise again,
To take on the journey even in freezing rain,
One day Lord, I’ll be fighting again.
           d.f.a.v. 3/5/15

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