Just’a ‘fore Dawn

Thankin’ ya kindly for ya prayin’
For I be wakin’ this here mornin’
Just ‘ a knowin’ they be there
Like’in a lots of invisible hands
Yeap ya prayin’ pull me throughz
The good Lord He be hearin’
Ya prayin’ like sayin’ “Yes’ em ya can”!
I be lookin’ outs this here windows ‘tently
At the darkin’ darkests night relently
Why it hangin’ on so stubborn like?
Like’in my pain throughs the ways?
Don’t wanna let go, no it shore don’t
But God He’s rights here a listenin’
And He’s be bringin’ long the day.
Yeap! Can’t ya just a see it in those skies?
Lookin’ out throughs believin’ eyez
God, He’s be bringin’ up the dawn
Soon, oh soon, that Son will rise
And within’ each color streakin’ out
All us who know’em gonna shout
The Son He’s here the dark goes bys.
So I be thankin’ ya kindly for ya prayin’
God hear’d ya and I’m thankful for what ya sayin’
This ole’ pain hangin’ in but that be okay
God He’s here both days and nights
The Son bringin’ permanent relief real soon
But for rights now can’t ya see the Sonrise?
That’s the ‘pearance gonna set it’s all a’right.
               d.f.a.v. 3/4/15

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