Thank You for Lymphedema

Thank You Lord for the lessons.
The ones of contentment for where I am,
Whether in need or cup overflowing,
Whether in layers of luxury or sackclothes of hunger,
For through them I’ve come to know You as God the Sustainer.

Thank You Lord, for the lessons in need.
For in them You’ve shown me what need truly is.
How to separate what I’d like to have,
From what I need to survive
For I know You now as the God Who Provides.

Thank You Lord, for the tests of change.
For while the world shifts shape constantly,
You have remained steadfast
You have capstoned the Godly standards.
For through these lessons I know You as God of Absolutes.

Thank You Lord for this chronic pain.
The one that crushes my will and spirit,
The one whose timing scores perfectly
As what strikes at those most inopportune moments.
For in them I’ve met You as God of the Broken Hearted.

Thank You Lord, for the hours it takes me
To do the simplest of tasks on my own.
For it is in these grueling hours,
When Giving Up seems like my only friend,
That I’ve been blessed to know You as God Who Understands.

Thank You Lord, for this Lymphedema.
For how little is understood about it,
The nights I can’t sleep and struggle,
Thank You for using the consequences of Evil
For it is in these moments I’ve known You as Friend.
         d.f.a.v. 3/2/15

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