Without a Chip to Bet

I went in need before the Lord,
A request to make to change my world,
My intention to offer Him all I could
A deal I needed and I knew it must be good.
But before the words could part my lips,
I looked at my hands and fingertips.
Not one chip did I have to bet,
My value to Him He’d be right to forget.
What could I barter in some exchange?
I hadn’t a single value to my name.
I prayed in despair for something to trade,
Then in my panic the fear started to fade.
God couldn’t be bribed or His favor won,
By a whole bodied woman or a lesser bodied one.
I’m literally a woman without a leg to stand on,
Without a chip to bet, a singer minus a song.
But God is good all the time it’s true
He’ll bless me, I’ve no doubt as He will you.
It is never been about what we bring to God
Never about what we can do on this sod.
For from the beginning Jesus’ sacrifice was the plan
And God’s triumph over death in the palm of His hand.
Nothing I could ever bring to the table
Will prove to anyone of what God is able.
So I take my need and my hurt to the Lord
Trusting His love for me to get me through this world.
Suddenly I understand the lack of a bargaining chip
Doesn’t cause my value with the Father, the slightest to dip.
               d.f.a.v. 3/1/15

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