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The Pieces


They sat in the thrift store, rejects.

Priced to sell they’d been there too long.

People looked at them only

Furniture with years of neglect.


Both were scarred, scratched and dented,

Frightening many a “do-it-over” shopper,

They passed over both pieces for others,

Ones who showed once they’d been loved.


Then a shopper came in and their eyes,

Saw beyond the dirt, gunk and grime.

She could see the cabinets had potential.

No question any longer they’d buy.


Purchased the plans were born,

Sanding, painting and repurpose them both.

Strip away the scars and scrapes.

No longer would they look so forlorn.


Outside in the clean of sunlight.

Something struck a chord in their head.

Maybe beneath all the apparent ugliness

Lurked a stunning beauty hidden from sight?


Years of life with the living and aging,

Were washed away with a bit of scrub,

The new owner grew excited,

The cabinets were really the brass ring.


Oh, how beautiful the wood became!

As times damage and neglect oiled away.

And the scars and imperfections?

Revealed character that showed the same.


Again cared for, they sang a new song,

Their past became part of their charm.

The pieces stood up a bit taller,

New love had righted a wrong.


Care, tenderness and love were applied to the find

Knowledgeable hands cleared away years of regret,

She’d begun to think of Her Father.

Who looked at her with a filter so kind.


She too had her scars from life’s wars.

From years of pain and rejection inside.

Her heart had looked even more shabby,

From the time she’d spent near and far.


Then along came a Master of Love

Who asked her to come to His side,

And He began the process that would

Reveal the beauty He’d seen from above.


He treated her scratches and dents,

Wept as He washed over her scars,

His hands were firm but gentle.

Clearing away painful incidents.


When both pieces and His child

Stood again bravely and loved,

God knowingly nodded His head.

They bore with grace the marks of the wild.


We’re all like her furniture and this woman.

All beaten up, dented and bruised.

We all bear the gunk and grime of aging.

The signs of living with uncaring man.


Until Jesus comes along and sees us.

With eyes of understanding and love.

Seeing beyond the surface imperfections,

What needs only the Master’s touch.


What signs of life do you bear?

What gunk covers your soul?

What hides your true beauty?

Will you trust in the One who cares?


We all sit out in the darkness,

Until the Light of Love comes along,

And restores us with grace and mercy

By His blood and righteousness.

        d.f.a.v. 2/12/15




Finish Line

“It is becoming my first priority,” she said.
“Like I have to get it straight and right away.
No more of this hit or miss.
The time is now, this minute, this day.”

“I get it, I do, I understand, ” I replied.
“I’m right there myself, same as you.
A new sense of urgency beats within,
To walk steady with God in all that I do.”

“After achieving worldly success,” he said.
“I realize its nothing if done for me.
I must focus on reaching His goals.
One by one His steps set me free.”

Independently of each other,
Believers are waking up to find,
They’re being called to come higher,
God points to those spiritually blind.

The signs scream all over the earth,
Jesus is being readied to return.
Who wants Him to find us unaware?
Our fire banked, lacking spiritual burn?

God strengthen you my brothers and sisters.
For none of us know hour or day.
And He’s calling us out of our ease,
Pick up your cross and follow His way.
                      d.f.a.v.  2/10/15

When All of You Gets Home!

When parts of you come home
Some limping, weary and weak
Perhaps exhausted from battle
Or disappointed in defeat.
When parts of you come home
Some glammed up with bling
Adventure a confident conquest
A stage where your heart did sing!
When parts of you come home
Despair and pain in your eyes
For life has treated you unkindly,
Scarred by what makes you wise.
When parts of you come home
But you see them in newborn life
When all gather to celebrate
A life new not yet knowing strife.
When parts of you come home
The Master will lovingly restore
Breathe sweet air in your lungs
But you’ll not be who you were before.
When these parts of you get home
God will knit you together with grace
You’ll be who you’re meant to be
For you at last can see God’s face.
d.f.a.v. 2/9/15

Cottage by the Sea #3 – 2015


Abba Father:
You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

ISIS leaders had a man
Burned to death alive Lord.
They lit the explosive
And he burst into flame…
When he crumbled
Into ashes unrecognizable
As previously being human,
They dumped dirt and rocks
On his ashes crushing the
Last bits of bone by a bulldozer
Grinding them into to nothing
Erasing him from this planet.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

Morality has all but disappeared,
Abstinence the exception
Fornication, adultery the rule.
Churches being forced,
Christian business owners too
To provide marriage ceremonies
That are against Your Word.
“The peoples” vote
Means nothing at all,
Judges are defining what is okay
Throwing Your Word out
Like it doesn’t matter anymore.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

People are starving,
Wars stripping folks souls,
Human sex trafficking
And even worse going down.
Children abused in more
Ways than physical,
Divorce is expected these days,
The poor are getting poorer
The rich even targeted,
Vigilantes out to even the score
Killing anyone, everyone
Peace doesn’t exist it seems.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

God, You’re hearing and
You’re seeing everything.
You tarry in returning
To guarantee everyone a chance
At repentance and salvation
To open up their heart’s door.
I don’t have Your eyes
I lack Your wisdom and worse
Understanding You waiting
My mind struggles to conceive
For evil seems to be winning
And I wonder what’s wrong.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?

You’re the reason I live
The hope of mankind.
Without You we’re killing ourselves
One sin, one step at a time.
Give me strength, Lord
To stand firmly on Your Word.
To refuse compromise
On Your absolutes.
You’ve left us Your Word
Though people tear it to shreds
It can’t change the Truth
We aren’t as smart as we think.

You’re coming soon?
Aren’t You, Jesus?



You’ve Prayed About It

Whatever your need,
What – so – ever your plea,
Have you sought God’s will
Asked how He feels?
Did you search out His Word?
Remember He’s your Lord?
You’ve prayed about it,
Don’t go and doubt it.
Have you given it to Him?
Has your will begun to dim?
Seek first His way for you
Trust He’ll provide too
Don’t take it upon yourself
That train goes somewhere else.
You’ve prayed about it,
Don’t go and doubt it.
Listen to His guidance
Don’t leave it to chance
Once you trust Him with it
Don’t turn and babysit it.
Trust Him all the way
Do it now, do it today.
You’ve prayed about it,
Don’t go and doubt it.
               d.f.a.v.  2/4/15

Tickle the Ears


Tell me more pretties
Say what I want to hear
Quote me philosophy
I should laugh—no tears.
Blot out the standards
Forget about restraints
Life’s about number one
Don’t tell me I can’t.
Read me of God’s love
How He forgives all things
Tell me of Heaven
And graceful angel wings.
None of that right or wrong
Or there’s only one truth
We know God is dead
This world is the proof.
Tickle my ears
Delight my eyes
Make me feel good
That by my power I fly.
Turn off theology
Doctrine’s such a drag
Bring in entertainment
Wave celebrities flag.
Then I’ll flock to your churches
Give money for good cause
But don’t tell me the truth
I need only applause.
How will we answer these
Who want tickled their ears?
Will we deny now our Savior
Our God we claim dear?
For gone are the days
When in God we trust
Our nation has turned
All those foundations to dust.
Only the cornerstone
Has somehow survived
But will we cave to popularity
Tricks evil has devised?
Irreverent riders of the beast
Proclaim Christianity a con
As by choice the title claimed
Is Whore of Babylon.
If we deny Him on earth
Deny we even know Him
He’ll deny us in Heaven
Our hope surly grown dim.
Where do you stand
Will you tickle their ears
Or will you stand up and shout
The end times are near?
                     d.f.a.v.  2/3/15

Lie vs. Truth: Steepek or Lyle

image (Original photo by Brad Gerrard, viewable on flickr Photostream. All rights reserved.)

This post originally appeared on fvbf in July of 2013 when it made rounds on many social media sites.  It is making the rounds again.  I received a comment from Willie Lyle regarding this blog post.  I feel compelled once again, to share the truth not the lie. –Donna

A story just over 48 hours old is making the social media and email realms.  Pictured above is the photograph circulated as being Pastor Jeremiah Steepek, a newly elected pastor of a congregation of 7,000-10,000 members.  Sight unseen, apparently except for the church elders, Pastor Steepek reportedly went into his new church disguised as a homeless man.  He was largely ignored and even asked to sit in the back of the sanctuary.  The elders introduced him and Pastor Steepek’s first sermon shamed his congregation.  It makes for a potent reminder we are to actively serve and love one another. Sadly, Pastor Stecpek is not a real, verifiable person.  When I read the story I found a few red flags about it’s truth.  So I checked. The picture is of an actual homeless man, taken by Brad Gerrard in Richmond and posted by Gerrard on flickr Photostream and obviously used in a case of fraud. Whoever wrote and first posted the false story very well may have based it on a true story out of Clarksville, Tennessee.  The newly appointed pastor of Sanyo United Methodist Church was under a huge tree on the church lawn his first Sunday.  He had spent a week living as a homeless person. image (Photo from June 23, 2013 report on LeafChronicle, all rights reserved.) His 200 member congregation witnessed his daughter and daughter-in-law help him transform back to himself during his sermon.  Twenty of his church’s members offered him assistance when he was posing as a homeless person.  This pastor’s name is Willie Lyle and his sermon though meant to move Christians to action was not, as I understand it, about shame. In the fictional account Pastor Steepek also wants change, good change, and the author of his story agrees.  The real man and Pastor Lyle wanted change too, equally good change. Which of these two stories shows real hope?  Points out a real plight for thousands of people?  Why was the real story so less impressionable? How many of us read this first story and felt a flicker of self-righteousness?  How many of us had a feeling that, “…they got what they deserved”? Why does the first story become an social media sensation in 48 hours and the second story not? When the mighty fall they fall loudly don’t they?  When our hands in the cookie jar we see the speck of dust in brothers eye but not the planks in our own, right? -Donna (a.k.a. Faye)