Cottage by the Sea #5 – 2015


Abba Father:
How beautiful this snow and ice look!
Blanketing the earth in diamonds and white.
A feast for the eyes to embrace this sight.
A balm for my heart when everything looks alright.
Innocent and pure it appears to be
What should I fear in this beauty?

The sun rises and the blanket reflects,
The yellows, oranges and reds of sunrise
It’s a lift for the soul a blessed surprise.
Something so dazzling it nearly burns the eyes.
The world seems alive with energy
All because of this immeasurable imagery.

If this part of the world could stop
No one have to work, there be no emergencies.
If adults and children could play as far as eye could see.
If when this art of nature melted gradually,
It didn’t reveal any ravaged tragedies or wounds
If we’d emerge a butterfly from a cocoon.

But tomorrow has troubles of its own,
So I’ll not borrow or think far ahead
But praise You for the wonder my eyes have read
Thank You for each blessing instead
Trust You to provide whatever the need
Have faith in Your every action and deed.

Enjoy the sight and the quiet peace!
Before life erupts again frantically
Barreling down to achieve dramatically
The good and evil deeds of man fast and furiously.
Yes, tomorrow has sorrows of its own
Today for those I will not moan and groan.

Instead look how the ocean spray froze!
Rows of sea foam froze on deck and pier,
Even the sea has frozen on top it appears,
Seashells and seaweed ice encased are dear.
Thank You Abba for this beautiful time out!
I will find ways to rejoice rather than pout!
d.f.a.v. 2/26/15

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