Cottage by the Sea #4 – 2015


Abba Father:
Sit here and watch the storm?
The snow falling in blankets.
Piling up,
Up on the sand…
Oblivating landmarks behind us.
No corner free from the rip,
Roaring sound
That zips and presses solid walls,
And rattles window panes
Announcing it’s presence
Leaving no hope of pretense
That it hasn’t any apologies to make
It intends to wreck havoc
With our lives?
Neither bird, animal or man
Ventures out into this madness.
This freezing
Wild dance nature reveals.
The sea spray freezing
In instant imitations
Of itself thrown,
Flung like salty
Cloudy ice sculptures
Onto every structure
In the reach of its artistry.
Come morning, if possible,
I’ll try photographing the
But I won’t hold my breath
Because I can’t plow
My way free.
Not of this or
The latest boxes
I threw hastily into the room.
Images of men in
Black hoods or camouflage ones,
And pop stars on beasts,
Announcing they’ve turned to Satan.
Israel ‘s Prime Minister
Urging all Jews to come home,
To separate themselves
From all other peoples.
Parents starving babies
Hiding children’s existence
Sitting silent rather than reveal
Where they went or
Were taken
By the only one they knew.
Of war torn countries
Populations shrinking as
They bury their dead.
Of martyrs bodies
Falling to earth while
Their souls rise to You.
Another storm.
With no apologies
For the havoc it intends
To wreck in our lives.
Leaving no pretense
Of evils existence
Upon earth
And in man.
God have mercy.
               d.f.a.v.  2/19/15

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