Mission Fields

Your mission field may very well be
Exactly where God wants you to see
He has a reason for where you are
Be it close to home or very far.
Your assignment may be your family
Where sometimes its hardest to be friendly
Despite the same blood in your hearts
Sharing God’s Word and love can be an art.
Perhaps your mission field is your work,
Where folks are nice or may be jerks
When stress mounts high and tension hisses
Your chances to witness slowly increases.
Your mission field may be a local service project
Yard work, meals, tending to needs, simple logic.
Care for the widows, elderly and disabled
Offering cool cups of water and making them feel stable.
Maybe it will be on foreign soil
Where Jesus will choose for you to toil.
Where you may make history
For dying for telling His Story.
Perhaps your missionary work requires your life
Or how to be a praying wife.
Maybe it will mean you don’t eat
So a child can who suffers in desert heat.
It could even be in your school
Where God equips you with His tools
But it doesn’t matter where your assignment is
You must show the world you are His.
Pray hard and sincere as you start each day
Listen carefully for God to show you the way.
And never forget a single day
To follow through on all God has to say.
                            d.f.a.v. 2/17/14

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