Finish Line

“It is becoming my first priority,” she said.
“Like I have to get it straight and right away.
No more of this hit or miss.
The time is now, this minute, this day.”

“I get it, I do, I understand, ” I replied.
“I’m right there myself, same as you.
A new sense of urgency beats within,
To walk steady with God in all that I do.”

“After achieving worldly success,” he said.
“I realize its nothing if done for me.
I must focus on reaching His goals.
One by one His steps set me free.”

Independently of each other,
Believers are waking up to find,
They’re being called to come higher,
God points to those spiritually blind.

The signs scream all over the earth,
Jesus is being readied to return.
Who wants Him to find us unaware?
Our fire banked, lacking spiritual burn?

God strengthen you my brothers and sisters.
For none of us know hour or day.
And He’s calling us out of our ease,
Pick up your cross and follow His way.
                      d.f.a.v.  2/10/15

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