Tickle the Ears


Tell me more pretties
Say what I want to hear
Quote me philosophy
I should laugh—no tears.
Blot out the standards
Forget about restraints
Life’s about number one
Don’t tell me I can’t.
Read me of God’s love
How He forgives all things
Tell me of Heaven
And graceful angel wings.
None of that right or wrong
Or there’s only one truth
We know God is dead
This world is the proof.
Tickle my ears
Delight my eyes
Make me feel good
That by my power I fly.
Turn off theology
Doctrine’s such a drag
Bring in entertainment
Wave celebrities flag.
Then I’ll flock to your churches
Give money for good cause
But don’t tell me the truth
I need only applause.
How will we answer these
Who want tickled their ears?
Will we deny now our Savior
Our God we claim dear?
For gone are the days
When in God we trust
Our nation has turned
All those foundations to dust.
Only the cornerstone
Has somehow survived
But will we cave to popularity
Tricks evil has devised?
Irreverent riders of the beast
Proclaim Christianity a con
As by choice the title claimed
Is Whore of Babylon.
If we deny Him on earth
Deny we even know Him
He’ll deny us in Heaven
Our hope surly grown dim.
Where do you stand
Will you tickle their ears
Or will you stand up and shout
The end times are near?
                     d.f.a.v.  2/3/15

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