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Must I Be 13?!


Like a young horse just broken to saddle,
You are prancing around in circles
Desperate to run…
The spring waiting winters departure battles,
Young sap bubbling in your veins,
Bulbs tired of waiting…
You’re confident you could pop out of frozen soil unharmed.
I understand, I was thirteen once too.
So was your father…
Our youth too held similiar promises and charm,
From the oldest person to the youngest,
This fact is true…

God has a plan for you and He cherishes your innocence,
He created You to want to please Him
Can you do that hurried…
Your clean heart and purity are to Him a great importance,
They matter to us for your heart is a treasure
Don’t sell it cheap…
Wait, discipline yourself to seek God’s best,
Don’t settle for cute when you deserve soul,
God’s plan is within your hand…
Run the race of endurance, heed your need for rest,
Wait for God’s timing to carry you through,
He has your best interest at heart…

Enjoy youth now while you can laugh with less pain,
While life is ripe with possibilities
And the future is bright…
Live in these moments, God’s gift to you,
Don’t force tomorrow, you have today
With less shadows cast by light…
Be thirteen for a full 365 days,
Fourteen will follow, years will pass
Don’t rush what isn’t given yet…
Hold to what things God has to say,
Every day will age you naturally
I speak from experience…

Will you learn?
                                         d.f.a.v.  1/8/15
     a.k.a. Donna

The Cost


Since Adam & Eve gave their’s away
In the Garden of Eden to Satan that day
Evil has stalked where innocence bloomed
Whispering promises under dark blooded moons.
Purity it’s target clearly became
The relationship between us and God not the same.
But even in history’s darkest hour
God had restoration planned in His power.
Jesus stretched out on the cross
Though they thought they took it, it wasn’t a loss
For while His blood was spilled, His purity slain
He rose from the grave with glorious refrains.
History proves time and time to man
Too few learnt the lesson when innocent blood ran.
Instead we fight on with utter disrespect
For the righteousness of God we no longer reflect.
Innocence is crushed beneath our feet,
As man and woman strive to defeat
A submission to God to walk in the right
Giving way instead to the shadows of night.
As fragile as spun glass are our hearts
Why do we choose to crush them, shatter them apart?
Do we hear no longer our daughter’s tears?
Or see the deeds of our sons to evil disappear?
This is what happens when God we dismiss
We lose our humanity as the sun burns the mist.
God’s path to redemption remains clear
Will we continue only to mock it and jeer?
               d.f.a.v.  1/7/15


My soul thirsts to know You,
Lord Jesus and I hear You call
“Come to the water. Drink deeply.
Immerse yourself in me, the Living Water.”
My soul pants to know You all,
Nothing held back.

It feels as if I could plummet deep
Beneath the waterfall of Your purity,
Where melted snow mingles with fresh spring waters
I could stay here in Your presence
Where my soul finds such security
I am here, wash me clean.

Every ounce of who You made me
Pleads to plunge into Your water
To surrender me inside and out
To Your love and forgiveness
Could I stand any taller
Than to drink in Your Living Water?

I think not.
              d.f.a.v. 1/6/15

F.Y.I. – I’m Guest Blogging at

Please check out my post on her Web site.  June is the author of seven published novels including Ryans Father and For All Eternity.  She’s a personal friend, a mentor/coach and great author of Christian romance novels.  Her characters deal with very real human issues and finding redemption in the God who loves us all.

The Nose is Getting Nosey


Sometimes we don’t see very well.
Not like we don’t have 20/20 vision
or glasses or contacts to wear.

And I’m not talking about the glasses you drink out of. Obviously you’d look kind of silly with drinking glasses pressed over your eyes. I mean corrective lenses.

Which is weird because do you ever see lenses being corrective? Aren’t they usually just hanging around on your nose? And come to think about it, what has your nose got to do with seeing anyway?

Really if the eyes just did their job of seeing (exception of course for eyes that are actually blind) instead of bringing the nose into it wouldn’t sight be all the better for it? Unless of course you’re in the dark and know there’s a tub of chopped onions by the door well then your nose could sniff your whole body over to the door. But, really? Who would have a tub of chopped onions by their door? Not sure your neighbors would appreciate that odor wafting down the hallways of your apartment building.
So if you’re living in an apartment I wouldn’t think the onions by the door would help your sight because your neighbors might get mad and shove your head into the onions and you’d end up crying. And your nose would run. And why would the nose take on the task of the legs anyway?

Boy, that nose is nosey isn’t it? First seeing for the eyes now running for the legs? I hear it helps out the mouth with tasting too. What’s next? Is it going to think for the brain? Sure hope the brain has the good sense to tell the nose, “No thank you”. But then again is the brain ordering the eyes not to see so the nose gets pulled into seeing and you end up with your head in a tub of chopped onions and your nose starts running for the legs? No wonder we can’t see, we keep over thinking the situation and we’re blind to what’s right in front of us.

God created our body with lots of parts and every part has a purpose and for the most part they’re not interchangeable. Even if they are it involves moving, oh say a kidney or a lung, to another person. Doctors just don’t go in and flip things around in our bodies because the different parts are equipped to do one speciality. I mean our body parts aren’t Legos!

Point is the church is like our bodies and everyone has their part, the thing God equipped them to do within the body of Christ. His church.

So are you an eye trying to get your nose to see for you or your nose to run for you? Leave that nose alone and let it deal with it’s own business. Get busy in your church doing your part and no one has their head in a tub of chopped onions for being nosey. Now has anyone seen my glasses?.

Cottage by the Sea – #1 2015


Abba Father:
We’ve had a quiet few days
Enjoyed the companionship
Not feeling the need to speak
Or not to speak
Or sing
Or not to sing…
Enjoyed just resting in Your presence
And writing when You moved me
What better way to be?
Just You shaping me to be me.
Thank You.

Sometimes Lord these type days
Make me feel anxious or afraid
That something bad is coming
Or something wrong
Or maybe a sin
Or perhaps not
The huge capacity for what if’s
Tend to drive me crazy
But today Lord, I’m breathing You in
Like salty ocean air again
That lights my heart to begin
A peaceful hour or so or ten.
Thank You.

All these things that cause me to stumble
That cause me to focus on stuff
Rather than on You
Or Your Word
Or living righteously
Or doing right
Regardless of the sacrifice
Or good old-fashioned nice
Or promises made with good advice.
Thank You.

Tomorrow could be the day
Every question could be answered
Each shadow cast out by the sun
Or by Your Son
Or someone gets through
Or someone cries
But I’ve come to realize
That questions meet their demise
When I image myself in the skies.
Thank You.
                    –d.f.a.v.  1/4/15



God’s grace
undeserved mercies
incomprehensible compassion
unbelievable gift
for you
proof of what you can’t see
when doubt could take your faith
supplying you evidence it is real.

God’s grace
incredibly understanding
beautifully executed
creativity.simple yet divine.
amazing isn’t it
allows us to grow and
bloom even when life says
we can’t.
               d.f.a.v. 1/1/15

At the New Year’s Starting Hour

Folklore, tradition, wishful thinking
Have been quoted as saying
Whatever you’re doing as the old year becomes new
Is what you’ll be doing the new year through.

Well Lord, You and I know the facts
If this was true lives could be decided
When a few minutes pass by You
But I’m grateful You showed me what to do.

As the year 2014 gives way to 2015
I’ll cling to You and trust You to provide
So I’ll lift up my prayers and praise to You
Focus on serving You as You’d have me to do.

It’s what we do You and I, and You and others do
A relationship that develops year along
So let the hour wrapping midnight
Come and go it’s going to be alright.

With You on my side I know You’ll see me through.
                    d.f.a.v.  12/31/14
God bless you in 2015!