Letter from Baby

For all of us who have miscarried a child.
Dear Mommy:
God picked you for my mommy,
To care for me as He does You.
You and Daddy were so excited
Imaging all we’d someday do.
Then something was different
About the plans God revealed
Before either of us could understand
The worst news to us was delivered.

I’ve gone on to Heaven, I know you cry
I’m sorry Mommy I couldn’t stay
For the pain, that you, especially feel with
Your baby snatched away before the birth day.
Mommy, sweet Mommy how you grieve
Thank you for loving me so much
When you get to Heaven right beyond the gate
I’ll run to your arms and know your touch.

I’m so very sorry you had this miscarriage
God weeps with you and bottles your tears
He knows life has a balance we can’t see
And sometimes to right it brings our biggest fears.
Weep, for you must, but hold God’s hand
His love for you is greater than yours for me
One day we’ll be together again
And I’ll always love you as you will me.

Your Baby
                                         d.f.a.v.  1/28/15

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