God, How Did You Not?


When Jesus faced Judas in the garden,
When the Chief Priests came with Pharisees,
A squadron of soldiers backing them up,
God did Your heart cringe or think of pardon?
Could You steal Yourself for what ahead must be?
To know Your Son would drink such a bitter cup?

When Peter looked on and would deny
As Jesus was mocked, jeered, spat upon
When the flog came swishing and fists pounding
Did You see it all through the tears in Your eyes?
How could no hatred burn for what man had done?
Were we, Your creation, still worth the redeeming?

As Jesus fell carrying His cross to Calvary
When He was stripped and nails pounded into hands and feet
Then torturously hung between earth and sky
Did You still see the pattern and pageantry?
How did You hold Yourself back for even a beat
As Your flesh and blood willingly gave Himself to die?

When Jesus cried why have you forsaken me?
When the thunder rolled and the temple curtain rent into,
When Jesus whispered “It is finished” and His Spirit went home,
Did You just want it over and to roar “Let us be”?
Was it only Jesus who You looked upon?
Or did Your sight extend to all of us who’d stumble home?

How did You stand it, witnessing absolutely everything?
My daughter cries over lost friends and my heart breaks
Treated unfairly and Mama Bear roars!
And that’s why You’re God able to do anything,
And why Your heart broke and Your love speaks,
And it is Jesus who opens Heaven’s door.

Why He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
                            d.f.a.v.  1/23/15

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