All around me, Lord
People are stopping
They’re slowing down
Taking stock of their lives
What’s alive and what’s
Turned cold and brown.

It’s not the ones I expect
Those running amok
Twisted up in drama
Partying and revelry
Fighting to put self first
Addicted to life trauma.

Instead it’s folks like me
Who have been trying
To live our lives for You
Who hold You as treasure
And believe in family values
We who think we do.

But, this is reality, Lord
We all stumble and fall
We’ve all failed
You need us to see
Our country needs it
We’re the indebted.

Help us Abba Father
To peel away selfishness
Expose our sins and wrongs
Guide us to fully embrace
Completely give to You
To write Your song.

This is a good thing
Although it is painful
And challenges the ego
To face ourselves
See what we’re missing
And tell ourselves no.

Some of us, Lord
Are reeling from hardship
From this life on earth
But we are more valuable
Than flowers or sparrows
In You we find our worth.

Help us blossom in Spirit
Even if we lose earthly things
Fall under persecution
Or die for our non-denial
As society pushes us to
The dregs of this nation.

We’re listening to You, Lord
Hear our hearts searching
Our souls that seek
To put You first in all
As we travel this valley
Trusting what You speak.
                  d.f.a.v. 1/18/15

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