The Cost


Since Adam & Eve gave their’s away
In the Garden of Eden to Satan that day
Evil has stalked where innocence bloomed
Whispering promises under dark blooded moons.
Purity it’s target clearly became
The relationship between us and God not the same.
But even in history’s darkest hour
God had restoration planned in His power.
Jesus stretched out on the cross
Though they thought they took it, it wasn’t a loss
For while His blood was spilled, His purity slain
He rose from the grave with glorious refrains.
History proves time and time to man
Too few learnt the lesson when innocent blood ran.
Instead we fight on with utter disrespect
For the righteousness of God we no longer reflect.
Innocence is crushed beneath our feet,
As man and woman strive to defeat
A submission to God to walk in the right
Giving way instead to the shadows of night.
As fragile as spun glass are our hearts
Why do we choose to crush them, shatter them apart?
Do we hear no longer our daughter’s tears?
Or see the deeds of our sons to evil disappear?
This is what happens when God we dismiss
We lose our humanity as the sun burns the mist.
God’s path to redemption remains clear
Will we continue only to mock it and jeer?
               d.f.a.v.  1/7/15

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