Cottage by the Sea – #1 2015


Abba Father:
We’ve had a quiet few days
Enjoyed the companionship
Not feeling the need to speak
Or not to speak
Or sing
Or not to sing…
Enjoyed just resting in Your presence
And writing when You moved me
What better way to be?
Just You shaping me to be me.
Thank You.

Sometimes Lord these type days
Make me feel anxious or afraid
That something bad is coming
Or something wrong
Or maybe a sin
Or perhaps not
The huge capacity for what if’s
Tend to drive me crazy
But today Lord, I’m breathing You in
Like salty ocean air again
That lights my heart to begin
A peaceful hour or so or ten.
Thank You.

All these things that cause me to stumble
That cause me to focus on stuff
Rather than on You
Or Your Word
Or living righteously
Or doing right
Regardless of the sacrifice
Or good old-fashioned nice
Or promises made with good advice.
Thank You.

Tomorrow could be the day
Every question could be answered
Each shadow cast out by the sun
Or by Your Son
Or someone gets through
Or someone cries
But I’ve come to realize
That questions meet their demise
When I image myself in the skies.
Thank You.
                    –d.f.a.v.  1/4/15

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