At the New Year’s Starting Hour

Folklore, tradition, wishful thinking
Have been quoted as saying
Whatever you’re doing as the old year becomes new
Is what you’ll be doing the new year through.

Well Lord, You and I know the facts
If this was true lives could be decided
When a few minutes pass by You
But I’m grateful You showed me what to do.

As the year 2014 gives way to 2015
I’ll cling to You and trust You to provide
So I’ll lift up my prayers and praise to You
Focus on serving You as You’d have me to do.

It’s what we do You and I, and You and others do
A relationship that develops year along
So let the hour wrapping midnight
Come and go it’s going to be alright.

With You on my side I know You’ll see me through.
                    d.f.a.v.  12/31/14
God bless you in 2015!

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