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Stopping the Insanity


Do you believe in God?
In a being of three?
Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
Do you believe?
Can we agree?

Do you believe He’s omnipresent
Always present all the time?
Never does He take a break
He’s awake while others sleep
A God of love who is divine?

Do you believe He’s aware
Of every evil deed done everywhere?
Of wars, hatred, old-fashioned greed?
That He could bring it to its knees
Stop the insanity because He does care?

Do you look like me at the news
And feel your blood start to boil
Want to even oblivate the ones
Who kill the innocence and churches burn?
Whose deeds seem a hateful toil?

Do you believe God is love?
Then why can’t we move and stop the pain?
Why can’t we with His help overcome
The ignorance, evil and selfishness?
United couldn’t we stop evils gains?

Do you hurt for the larger events?
That wipe out hundreds and spill man’s blood
The ones that seem so senseless?
Yet are woven repeatedly
In mankind’s history before and after the flood?

Do you believe with God all things are possible?
Then why can’t we stop evil in our homes?
Why does spousal and child abuse go on?
Our children torment one another
Turn the tide now or is it too far gone?

I only know just yesterday
My child was bullied because of race
Came home shaking and in tears
Because some boys thought it fun
To torment her right in her face?

Have I learned a truth I can’t deny
Can the tide not be turned, is it too late?
Far too many will never forgive
Or agree to peace in sincerity?
That evil is through the door not at the gate?

Do you believe God forgives?
In our call to follow in His steps
We too must love our enemies
And pray for those who hurt us regularly
Is this part answer in inviting God where hate is kept?

I believe. Will you join with me?
Give ourselves over to God’s plan?
Can we strive to stop evil at home
So one by one the drops are turned
And evil’s tide turned because God can?
                       d.f.a.v.  1/29/15

Letter from Baby

For all of us who have miscarried a child.
Dear Mommy:
God picked you for my mommy,
To care for me as He does You.
You and Daddy were so excited
Imaging all we’d someday do.
Then something was different
About the plans God revealed
Before either of us could understand
The worst news to us was delivered.

I’ve gone on to Heaven, I know you cry
I’m sorry Mommy I couldn’t stay
For the pain, that you, especially feel with
Your baby snatched away before the birth day.
Mommy, sweet Mommy how you grieve
Thank you for loving me so much
When you get to Heaven right beyond the gate
I’ll run to your arms and know your touch.

I’m so very sorry you had this miscarriage
God weeps with you and bottles your tears
He knows life has a balance we can’t see
And sometimes to right it brings our biggest fears.
Weep, for you must, but hold God’s hand
His love for you is greater than yours for me
One day we’ll be together again
And I’ll always love you as you will me.

Your Baby
                                         d.f.a.v.  1/28/15

Our Hope

From the hearts of mankind
Come the truths of his humanity
The depravity of souls embracing evil
Their own voices stands within them and cries,
“This is who I truly am!”

What we hold as evidence can crash instantly,
It matters not if rich or poor or which university
They attended or didn’t attend
Or of their dreams which flies or dies.
In their heart they’re who they are.

Not any of them unredeemable
If they choose to repent and change
But some are evil wrapped in flesh
The more they gourge the more they grow
And like weeds choke out others good.

Hope does exist in this citizenship
For choice is within each one’s range
In the smallest sliver of an opening
The love of God does beckon and glow
Hence He remains the redemption of all man.

The Holocaust, genocide, slavery
Wars and other atrocities we can’t forget exist
These acts wave flags of remembrance
Beware! Witness evil out-of-control
And plea for salvation not revenge.

There is no true peace in an eye-for-an-eye
Or a value that can be assigned
As whose life is more important
God should decide each man’s lifespan
For He is man’s truest Friend.
                    d.f.a.v.  1/27/15
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”      John 3:16 NIV

“But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”     John 3:21 NIV


God, How Did You Not?


When Jesus faced Judas in the garden,
When the Chief Priests came with Pharisees,
A squadron of soldiers backing them up,
God did Your heart cringe or think of pardon?
Could You steal Yourself for what ahead must be?
To know Your Son would drink such a bitter cup?

When Peter looked on and would deny
As Jesus was mocked, jeered, spat upon
When the flog came swishing and fists pounding
Did You see it all through the tears in Your eyes?
How could no hatred burn for what man had done?
Were we, Your creation, still worth the redeeming?

As Jesus fell carrying His cross to Calvary
When He was stripped and nails pounded into hands and feet
Then torturously hung between earth and sky
Did You still see the pattern and pageantry?
How did You hold Yourself back for even a beat
As Your flesh and blood willingly gave Himself to die?

When Jesus cried why have you forsaken me?
When the thunder rolled and the temple curtain rent into,
When Jesus whispered “It is finished” and His Spirit went home,
Did You just want it over and to roar “Let us be”?
Was it only Jesus who You looked upon?
Or did Your sight extend to all of us who’d stumble home?

How did You stand it, witnessing absolutely everything?
My daughter cries over lost friends and my heart breaks
Treated unfairly and Mama Bear roars!
And that’s why You’re God able to do anything,
And why Your heart broke and Your love speaks,
And it is Jesus who opens Heaven’s door.

Why He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
                            d.f.a.v.  1/23/15

Peeling Away the Details


I have a friend
Who shared with me
She prays about the big stuff
Never about the small details of her life
God cared from a distance His eye on the bigger picture
So she took care of the little stuff.
But I told her this story.

As a child
This girl’s father adored her
She lit up his world
Welcomed him to each day
Celebrated his every homecoming
Reminded him of the best in life.
Oh, how he loved his youngest daughter.

Her mother tolerated her.
She messed up her world
There was little she did right
So much she did wrong
She wasn’t wanted and her mother
Far from cherished her with anything pleasant.
There was no love exchanged between them.

At sixteen her father died
Her world suddenly vanished
Left her to an indifferent mother
And an overpowering sister
She was their’s to do as they wanted
And they decided her future between them.
To suit their needs to mold her to be like them.

At eighteen her sister chose a husband for her
A man willing to live with their mother
Someone to be head of household
As his wife she couldn’t go to college
They kept her in the life they determined
It never crossed their minds
To care if she was happy or okay.

She got lost along the way
But found herself again
Long after her mother was gone
And she was away from a sister overbearing
It was a slow process
As she pulled her layers away.
But she found herself and her children watched.

Then on the tip of transformation
Death extracted her from her life here
She left this world too early
And I think about her daily
My mom who prayed about it all
Big things, little things, all things.
Who with God withstood the peeling.

So to my friend who declares
She prays only about the big issues
God cares about all of you
Every gesture every word everything
Sometimes we have to persevere
Keep peeling away our layers even those unseen
For God’s right here peeling with us in the details.
                    d.f.a.v.  1/21/17



All around me, Lord
People are stopping
They’re slowing down
Taking stock of their lives
What’s alive and what’s
Turned cold and brown.

It’s not the ones I expect
Those running amok
Twisted up in drama
Partying and revelry
Fighting to put self first
Addicted to life trauma.

Instead it’s folks like me
Who have been trying
To live our lives for You
Who hold You as treasure
And believe in family values
We who think we do.

But, this is reality, Lord
We all stumble and fall
We’ve all failed
You need us to see
Our country needs it
We’re the indebted.

Help us Abba Father
To peel away selfishness
Expose our sins and wrongs
Guide us to fully embrace
Completely give to You
To write Your song.

This is a good thing
Although it is painful
And challenges the ego
To face ourselves
See what we’re missing
And tell ourselves no.

Some of us, Lord
Are reeling from hardship
From this life on earth
But we are more valuable
Than flowers or sparrows
In You we find our worth.

Help us blossom in Spirit
Even if we lose earthly things
Fall under persecution
Or die for our non-denial
As society pushes us to
The dregs of this nation.

We’re listening to You, Lord
Hear our hearts searching
Our souls that seek
To put You first in all
As we travel this valley
Trusting what You speak.
                  d.f.a.v. 1/18/15

Cottage by the Sea #2 – 2015


Abba Father:

The sea is smooth out beyond the shore

It appears to be black glass beneath moonlight glare

The waves muted outside out the back door.

Four o’clock a.m. and I can sit outside

The air heavily scented with salt and sand

I want to think about Heaven and ocean rides.

But it’s hard to think about good things

When the world seems bent on evil

Somewhere though Angels still sing.


Don’t they?

                d.f.a.v. 1/16/15




Can You See Jesus?


Not my worst day,
Not my best,
But Jesus is good
And I am blessed.
Seeing my life?
What is there?
Does Jesus stand out?
Can You see He cares?
Patches are evident,
Materials are plain,
But read my life,
See Jesus’ name?
It isn’t haphazard
It’s part of the design,
Much like this poem
Does more than rhyme.
The picture above
A piece that I drew
Does Jesus stand out
His name show through?
How about your life?
Be it fancy or plain?
Can others see Jesus?
Read His name?
                      d.f.a.v.  1/14/145

In the picture at the top of this post today the name Jesus is among the wood drawn.  Can you see it?

God Cares

Does God care when I’m sad and blue?
I believe He does, how about you?
Does He care if I suffer needlessly?
Or if its the consequences of my choices coming naturally?
I think God cares whenever I hurt,
But He doesn’t allow me a payday to shirk.
Does the Father care about the football game win?
Or the gender we are or the color of our skin?
Does He care if we’ve walls of first places
Or trophies galore, or prizes for our faces?
Do You think He can stomach our need to win
Anymore perhaps, than our need to sin?
God is about love, justice, redemption and grace,
He knows every hair on our heads every line on our face.
God loves us all, I know it’s true
That doesn’t extend to covering up for me or you.
He cares that we’re fed, our basic needs covered
Whether it’s thrift store finds or high end fluff and flutter
He isn’t having angels like cheerleaders jumping up and down
But God is proof a truer friend can’t be found.
Yes, God’s in the details of our lives
We must understand this as we strive
For as God cares for the person as well as the soul
Never a truer friend can we behold.
Take a deeper look than a shallow glance
God’s caring for us makes our souls dance.
                                         d.f.a.v. 9/11/12