As 2014 Ticks Away

The clock will tick
The ball will drop
The kiss be shared
The balloons go “pop”.
The minute will pass
The time will go
The calendar flip
The noise will flow.
The year will change
The party will end
The heart will beat
The pass foe & friend.

Though troubles arrive
Though joys overflow
Though sadness depart
Though winds will blow.
Though Christ will return
Though the day unknown
Though the rapture occur
Though the war be won.
Though peace will reign
Though with Christ eternally
Though you may have time
Though it will happen eventually.

The day will come
The Lord will appear
The time unknown
The moment so dear.
The eyes will lift
The sight in the East
The rapture will occur
The final end the Beast.
The knees will bow
The tongues confess
The God in Trinity
He is the One we bless.
               d.f.a.v.   12/31/14

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